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    Red Cross Teaching Experience Supervisor (TES)


    This course is for experienced instructors which would like to mentor new Instructor Candidates and facilitate their in-class teaching experiences. This certification also allows you to sign off on skills assessments for the level in which you are certified. (i.e. as a First Aid and CPR/AED Instructor TES, you are able to sign off on First Aid and CPR skills. As a First Responder Instructor, you can sign off on First Responder Skills).


    This course is done virtually. In order to purchase and receive the TES virtual course and obtain certification you are required to provide:


    Components to Certification:

    1. Complete the Registration Below
    2. Register for, or submitted a completed Skills Checklist (If you do not have a signed off skills checklist from a TES or IT at your discipline we can arrange for a skills session for an additional fee, or choose one of our publicly offered skills session dates).
    3. Attached your Instructor Certification at the highest level you have.
    4. Complete the online modules (issued after registration is processed)
    5. Certification.

    For more information, please review the Fact Sheet, or call 905-240-0092.

    Please complete the below registration, by choosing a date for the skills assessment.

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    Attach a copy of your Instructor Certification(s):

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    Attach a copy of your completed Skills Checklist

    If you do not have a completed skills check list, and would like to add this, please do so below.

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    I require a private skills check to be signed off by Durham First Aid Inc.

    Please check the level you require the skills to be checked on.
    After registration you will be contacted regarding scheduling your session

    Describe your instruction background, and why you would like to take this course: *


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    Skills Session Optons:

    I am arranging my own, I would like to purchase a private session, Public Skills – July 14, Public Skills – August 11, Public Skills – September 20