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    Red Cross Professional Responder Instructor Recertification (BLS | FRI | EMRI)


    A course to recertify your Professional Responder Instructor Certification (BLS, First Responder or Emergency Medical Responder Instructor).


    In order to recertify your First Aid &/CPR Instructor Certification must be meet the following four criteria:


    1. You are a current non expired Red Cross Professional Responder Instructor (BLSI, FRI, EMRI)
    2. That the chosen course date is before your current certification expiry date (if you are expired email us at erika@durhamfirstaid.com for assistance)
    3. You have taught a minimum of 3 Red Cross courses since your last recertification (of which must be of the highest level you wish to recertify to)

    There are 2 steps to recertify your First Aid & CPR Instructor Certification:

    1. Attend the HUB Instructor Recertification Training (4 hours)
    2. Attend the Discipline Specific Instructor Recertification for PRI (4-5 hours)


    The HUB can be completed virtually or in the classroom. Courses are often offered on the same day, but you can take the courses separately. Only requirement is the HUB is done before the Discipline Specific component.

    ** NEW FOR 2024 – HUB is no longer required. Just the in person Professional Responder Instructor Recertification – In Person.

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    Discipline Specific PRI, HUB, HUB & Discipline Specific PRI, 2024 – PRI Recert


    November 26, November 26 & 28, November 28, January 29, April 22